Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Starting a Blorg! i mean blog! crap!

So my friend Amy at work convinced me to start a blog today. I'm not one to follow trends and by that i mean i do it often, (i don't wanna be the outcast..geez.) But i definitely have been meaning to show my work and work's in progress so hopefully start posting some oldies and newies (not newsies the amazing musical starring christian bale) by this weekend. Hope someone out there likes some of it! woo! 


  1. hmmm...this amy person sounds like a smart gal, good idea listening to her! and i'm sure she didn't pester you into it by turning around every five mins and pointing at you while yelling, "start a blog!" nooo. no that would be annoying.

    looove the monsters! but why are they jerks? can some of them be friends? maybe they are just misunderstood??

  2. hmm maybe i should make a book of monsters are jerks, and then flip it over for monsters are friends! genius!

  3. oh and that amy gal is quite the thinker indeed ;)