Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Awesome Baxter Possum

This sexy young lad is the main character of a side-scrolling video game my friend Jeff Wallenhorst and i are creating. I originally had the idea for a tv show, haven't pitched it yet but still want to, but thought in the mean time instead of making a stop-motion film or puppet film i'd make a video game, that'll take less time right? wrong...

But we are building all characters and set pieces by hand and putting them into the program. The programs called Power Game Factory for mac. It doesn't use actually coding script which is awesome cause i know zero. it's like cut and paste and changing meters and percentages, something my brain can handle. The fully fabricated version is on the top. we took off one of the eyes because people were getting confused in thinking possum had another set of eyes on the other side, it works better in the 2d drawing to believe he only has two eyes, but trying to make 2 and 1/2 D characters apparently makes peoples brains explode. so he'll be profile few with one eye on each side :)  

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  1. Hey Matt! I recently came across your bloggy blog...looking good! This character is super cute. I hope NY is working out well for you:)