Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My buddy and meee

Every Teddy Rupskin needs his Grubby right? I was one of the few children who had a Grubby, he was awesome. So this is Franklin the Bat. He's not so much Baxter's friend, he basically tries to prevent Possum from doing something so dumb that he ends up killing himself or people around him. Often Baxter believes he has abilities like flying, where in fact Franklin is holding onto him for his dear life after Baxter jumped off a rooftop. Thinking there might be some life debt kind of thing going on and thats why Franklin sticks around, yeah, like han solo and chewie, good times. So as you can see franklin is still in progress in the photo, his eyes are also going to be a 3d or 2 1/2 D problem may have to go back and shrink his nose but we'll see, the fur is actually this really soft material used from a woman's bathrobe at some women's store cant remember which one. either way, awesome material haha. 

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