Wednesday, May 27, 2009

what's everyone looking at?

I started this illustration based on show idea i have that i'd like to pitch someday but there's a lot of kinks to work out. I originally planned for them to all actually be looking at something. I then think i psyched myself out because they all look so happy i couldn't decide why each one would be as equally happy as the other. I decided to leave myself in suspense. More then likely i will have the title logo be the thing they are looking at but for now use your imagination. 

Monday, March 30, 2009


Sometimes i feel like this at work. Could be cause i got little sleep from the dump trucks at night, followed by that stupid bus who honks trying to get kids to come out. IF THEY AREN'T THERE THEY MISSED SCHOOL MOVE ON! Sometimes it's the subway that seems to suck my soul out of my body on the way to work. Other days its just the work in general. So here's me 3 out of 5 days of the week :D

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Doodles PART II

This is another work doodle i did for a show i want to pitch. Can't get into the details but i think you can clearly see this picture is a girl named Lumber Jane, riding a mushroom/bird/turtle, with her best friend Bardy, the bearded boy. I wish i had a Mubirturtle...


Sometimes work can be slow. Usually from something rendering and i have no computer to work on. During that time it makes sense to keep the creative juices flowing and doodle on your schedules right? I thought so. So this is a pick of my cat from back home, Jack, trying to secretly cut a hair of a character loosely based on my dad. Don't ask me why, Jack's kind of an ass, and i imagine him doing all kinds of jerkish things or crazy experiments when no one is looking. But as much as he tends to never let anyone put him on their lap and love him, his stubbornness makes him a hilarious character. The dad character didn't start looking like my dad until i realized i had started to make him too similar to the dad on "Dexter's Laboratory." But my dad does love him some newspaper/chair action. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Possum continued

This is Brody. He's the hippy dippy that hits possum with his car. He then pokes Possum in the eye to see if he's alive. The poking itself actually jolts possum back to life. From that point on Brody is convinced a zombie possum has come to take his life for killing it with his car. Oh Brody you crazy. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My buddy and meee

Every Teddy Rupskin needs his Grubby right? I was one of the few children who had a Grubby, he was awesome. So this is Franklin the Bat. He's not so much Baxter's friend, he basically tries to prevent Possum from doing something so dumb that he ends up killing himself or people around him. Often Baxter believes he has abilities like flying, where in fact Franklin is holding onto him for his dear life after Baxter jumped off a rooftop. Thinking there might be some life debt kind of thing going on and thats why Franklin sticks around, yeah, like han solo and chewie, good times. So as you can see franklin is still in progress in the photo, his eyes are also going to be a 3d or 2 1/2 D problem may have to go back and shrink his nose but we'll see, the fur is actually this really soft material used from a woman's bathrobe at some women's store cant remember which one. either way, awesome material haha. 

The Awesome Baxter Possum

This sexy young lad is the main character of a side-scrolling video game my friend Jeff Wallenhorst and i are creating. I originally had the idea for a tv show, haven't pitched it yet but still want to, but thought in the mean time instead of making a stop-motion film or puppet film i'd make a video game, that'll take less time right? wrong...

But we are building all characters and set pieces by hand and putting them into the program. The programs called Power Game Factory for mac. It doesn't use actually coding script which is awesome cause i know zero. it's like cut and paste and changing meters and percentages, something my brain can handle. The fully fabricated version is on the top. we took off one of the eyes because people were getting confused in thinking possum had another set of eyes on the other side, it works better in the 2d drawing to believe he only has two eyes, but trying to make 2 and 1/2 D characters apparently makes peoples brains explode. so he'll be profile few with one eye on each side :)